SQL Server Error.. Can it be Improved?

One developer from work was complaining from last 2 days that he is not able to create/design or to do anything with DTS Designer. When he is trying to open DTS from DTS Designer or Management Studio (Legacy Support), it is throwing some Code Execution Exception. Please refer to the screen shot at the end of this post for reference.

Also he confirmed he never had such issue before.
This was a new error for me!! I even gave him public access on MSDB also but found no luck.
Then I found the solution (by guessing from the error dialogue) by rebuilding the client tool in his workstation. This issue was for some sort of corruption on his workstation’s client component and the only way to fix it is to repair the registry of client tool.
I just wonder if SQL Server (Or should I say for any computer software available today) will be smart enough to guide more interactively it’s user in it's future versions. (I agree that SQL Server already does a very good job but there is a room for improvement for everyone)
While I am not telling that it is a sin to have a generic dialogue box, it would be nicer if at least it indicated that the issue is actually with the Client Tool.
Is it not possible for Microsoft to redesign the error handlers in such a way that it clearly tells the name of system which is throwing the error? (Like the name of the SQL Server if it is throwing error or the indicate that the error is for client tool corruption) This idea just popped in my head after spending a hour on server for a workstation related issue.
Hence I am sharing it in my
Not so Formal !!!