An article on how to bring back a database from suspect mode

One of my articles is published in recently. This is related to how to recover a database from suspect mode and triggered some controversial views from some folks. On the other hand it drew applause also from others. I would like to politely mention that this article is a step by step guide to help someone to come out of a situation when a database is in suspect mode and surely it is not focused on the details of actual architecture which can force to take a database to suspect.

I personally recommend to read the article and also all the comments it attracted to get a fair amount of idea on how to proceed if someone unfortunately faces similar scenarios beforehand. However if someone is experiencing the failure and found the article, then I believe it is best for him/her to bring the database online anyhow and then spend time to understand the actual reason of the failure.

If you want to read the article, please click here. From my end, a big thanks to to allow me and all others to use their platform to kick start this discussion. Also thanks to all who posted their views on this article.