Setting up log shipping in SQL Server 2005

Log shipping is still one good old high availability mechanism used in many infrastructures as a reliable and realistic solution. So any one who works with SQL Server should be familiar with ins-and-outs of this technology.

Basically log shipping follows a very simple protocol of backing up logs of primary database, ship the log files to a shared location and then continuously keep applying the log files to secondary database. Setting up log shipping is a standard feature available in following versions of SQL Server:

SQL 2005 –- Workgroup, Standard,
SQL 2008 – Web, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise
SQL 2000 – Enterprise

While I was planning to write a bit more on this technology and step on how to setup logs hipping in a SQL 2005 environment, I came across to an excellent article of Hilary Cotter. Please refer to,289483,sid87_gci1309728_mem1,00.html for detailed steps to set-up log shipping and some very important information related to this technology.