How to restore default windows lay out of SQL Server Management Studio?

Sometime we may mess-up the windows layout of “Management Studio” to an extent
where restoring the default layout is the easiest fix instead of manually arranging the windows.

Personally for me, this is a very useful trick because often I open too many windows enough to annoy me and to eventually slow down.

Please follow below procedure to restore default windows layout of SQL Server Management Studio:

Step 1. Select Window Tab from the Menu
Step 2. Select “Reset Window Layout” button. It will request a confirmation from you before restring the default view. As soon as you click “Yes”, it will restore default windows layout.

Graphical View of the Location of “Reset Window Layout” option:

By executing this procedure you will not loose any customization expect the way windows were manually arranged by you. So this is a safe and easy procedure to get rid from an annoying situation.