A strong reason to consider SQL Server for Mission critical applications... Mission Critical Premier Support

As I work with various clients providing solutions to their infrastructure’s problem (primarily but not limited to database infrastructure), I often encounter queries from customers seeking advice between choosing various available RDBMS products. Choosing a right product (among SQL Server, Oracle, UDB/DB2, My SQL etc) is a very important decision for organization which is influenced by many factors like cost, product’s performance etc.

One major score (non technical) for SQL Server is Microsoft professional and top-notched support around their products. While existing groups like PSS and PFE are best in the market for any proactive or reactive solutions, Microsoft has another layer of Support named “Premier Mission Critical Support”. This service guarantees a response within 30 minutes or less for Severity 1 and Severity A incidents. Microsoft guarantees compliance to these response times through financial credits. Also to accelerate problem resolution, all critical issues that require attention from Microsoft product development teams are handled as top priority. If you are a person designing a support plan for your organization’s, you may want to visit http://www.microsoft.com/microsoftservices/en/us/support_premier_addons_pmc.aspx for details about this program. The best part I like in this program is the customer’s prioritized access to development team and ability to have on demand production patch from Microsoft.