How to identify if the SQL Server is 64 bit or 32 bit installation?

This is very basic information for a database analyst to find out. You can find this information
using any of the below options:

Option 1 (Using TSQL Command):

Execute below code on Management Studio:


For 64 bit instance, you will see Edition is reported as (64 Bit). 32 Bit instance will not mention anything related to bit information.

Eg. 64 Bit Enterprise Edition will report as Enterprise Edition (64-bit)
      32 Bit Standard Edition will report as Standard Edition                      

Option 2 (Using GUI):

You can open the property of the instance (by right click on instance name and selecting property) and open General Page. Product will be mentioned as 64 bit if it is a 64 Bit instance. Otherwise no bit information will be mentioned.


64 Bit Enterprise:

32 Bit Standard: