Backing up specific table/s in SQL Server database

Sometime you may backup only one or multiple specific tables in a database for some specific reason. While this situation is rare, this can be unavoidable when you are working with a huge database where about to do a change which poses risk to some tables only. (In other words, you may have to execute this exercise when taking a full database backup is not justified)

Please any one of below option to backup one/multiple tables:

Option 1 (Strongly recommended but will need rebuild of cluster index if you need to physically move a table)

  1. Move the table/s to a specific filegroup
  2. Backup the specific filegroup

Option 2 (Use this Option only if Option 1 is not possible)

  1. Use SQL Server Import Export Wizard to export the data of the identified tables. (This wizard is accessible by right clicking on the database and then selecting task option. You may select Export data option under task menu)
  2. Script out the table also as a precautionary purpose. You can script out a table by right clicking the table and then selecting “Script Table as” option.