Cluster log in Windows 2008

We may need to review cluster log to analyze cluster in-depth. Till Windows 2003, it was easily found at %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\Cluster\Cluster.log

Interestingly from Windows 2008, you will not file such a file. This is because the traditional log is now replaced by a much more sophisticated event based tracing system.

The Vista\Windows Server 2008 Event Model is the next generation of Windows Event Logging and replaces the current version of the Event Log shipped in Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server, Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, and previous versions of Microsoft® Windows NT®

Hence, follow below steps to generate log files for Windows 2008 cluster:

Step 1: Open a command prompt

Step 2: Execute below command:

Cluster /Cluster:useyourclustername log /gen /copy "C:\temp”

Note: Replace useyourclustername with your cluster’s name and C:\temp is the location where the log will be dumped. You may change this location as you need.

Step 3: Navigate to C:\temp and you will file log files for each node of your cluster

Note: You need to run this command each time you need to find the latest log as these log files are not dynamically updated like the old .log file