Upgrading SQL 2008 R2 Edition – Step by Step Guide

Please follow below steps for upgrading a SQL 2008 R2 edition. This example shows an upgrade to Enterprise edition but the steps are exactly same for any valid upgrade scenario.

Step 1: 
Arrange the media on an accessible location from the server. Also arrange a downtime of 15 minutes as you will need to restart the SQL Services to make the upgrade effective.
Step 2: 
Before upgrade, make sure to take a final backup of the databases and stop the applications as per standard protocol to eliminate any risk of data loss in case of a failure.

Step 3: 
Execute setup.exe from media. It should lead you to below screen:

Step 4: 
Select Edition Upgrade from Maintenance Tab

Step 5: 
Click ok at next prompt assuming you passed the setup support rules.

Step 6: 
Select Next at this step.

Step 7: 
Select Next. If you are using volume licensing then product key should be populated. Otherwise you need to enter a valid product key for upgrade.

 Step 8: 
Accept license term and select Next

Step 9: 
Identify instance to be upgraded and select Next

Step 10: 
Select next after all Edition Upgrade Rules are passed.

Step 11:
Review the final setting and then hit Upgrade.

Step 12: 
After you hit Upgrade, SQL Server Edition will be upgrade to Enterprise.

Please note below points which may be useful while working on a Production Environment:

  1. For a typical machine (at least 16 GB RAM with 2 Physical CPU), this upgrade should complete with in 10 minutes. However this time may widely vary on your server’s configuration and hardware.
  2. You must restart SQL Services to make the change effective.
  3. You do not need to execute any special step even if the instance is clustered.


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