Restricting Quest Spotlight access

You may need to restrict access defining who can use Quest Spotlight and at what level. For example, you may want to have junior DBAs read only access on spotlight and reserve the administrative rights with in the senior folks only.

Spotlight for SQL Server version 8.x and above supports this requirement. Please follow below steps to configure security of spotlight:

1.    Go to Go Control Panel -> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups on the server designated as “Diagnostic server”.

2.    Add users as member below group as per their desired level of rights:

a.    Members of “Quest Diagnostic Administrators” have administrative access.

b.    Members of “Quest Diagnostic Users” have user access.

c.     Members of “Quest Diagnostic Read-Only Users” have read-only access.

Note: As a best practice, do not add any user id directly to these groups. It is always advised to create Active Directory DL for each permission level and then add those DL’s to relevant groups. Individual users should be added or deleted from the Active Directory DL only.